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Also, the documentary investigates how Vegas played a significant part in the long road that occurred before the sports betting craze. You’ll also gain insight as to exactly how Las Vegas became the mecca for sports bettors in the United States. This may be the premier documentary surrounding the world of sports betting. Specifically, it focuses on the rise in the popularity of sports betting in Las Vegas and the United States, where sports betting has always been legal. However, gambling enthusiasts will find these six gambling documentaries as educational as they are entertaining. I’m sure you’re familiar with the rags to riches stories to which I’m referring.

  • When Ratner obtains a rock that contains fragments of the rare Ethiopian gem the black opal, he orchestrates various bets in an attempt to be financially set for life and, in the process, wreaks havoc on his own life.
  • This felt like a movie that was made for dummies who think every high-roller bettor is stuck in a middle-class life, goes to Vegas on weekends, and resorts to lawbreaking – including fixing games – to find an edge.
  • Microwave some popcorn, refill your movie queue, and scratch that offseason itch with the most comprehensive list of golf films ever!

Played with verve by Edward G. Howard, Lancey agrees to take on McQueen, seeing as the Kid had made his name only in backroom games with little serious competition. The Kid is further hampered by a series of distractions – not least a beautiful girl – which threaten to topple his chances. The film culminates with both players raising their stakes and, in an exciting finale, one of them thrillingly coming out on top. Gambling is an essential part of pop culture and you can see it in many movies. Even heroes like James Bond are often involved in some action at the casino tables.

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Confidential/Wonder Boys/8 Mile/In Her Shoes run with this mostly hackneyed story of a superstar poker player with a complicated relationship with his even bigger superstar poker-player father . We have seen that story a million times in a million better sports movies — this even has a Big Game at the end — but both Bana and Duvall find some truth in their characters regardless. This movie was a disaster at the box office, and Hanson’s hot streak was over.

Perhaps important to note, Ivey’s companion spoke Cantonese and asked for a Cantonese dealer. Many times in Asian casinos, superstitious Baccarat players ask the dealer to deal the cards in the manner Ivey and his companion requested. This exchange happened in Cantonese so the other English-speaking employees had no knowledge of the request. The fight is ongoing, as Ivey has countersued the casino for not paying out his winnings. He plays poker at the highest stakes but also throws around big bucks when the house has an edge. While craps is usually his non-poker game of choice, he is just as comfortable at the Baccarat table.

Bad luck incarnate Bernie Lootz, portrayed by William H. Macy, is a professional loser who has found a way to capitalise on his uncanny ability to lose every single bet he makes. Paying off a debt to casino manager Shelly Kaplow , Bernie is a full-time “cooler” responsible for restoring the house edge by ending high-roller streaks as he seems to be able to transfer his bad luck onto other players. Bernie’s fling with a waitress somehow seems to weaken his cooling powers causing him and his boss a big deal of trouble.

Leaving Las Vegas (7

The film revolves around Ed who, after losing a crucial poker game against deadly mobster, needs to pay back 500,000 pounds in a week’s time. He, along with his friends, then comes up with a heist plan in order to pay off the debt. The film received positive reviews from critics for its smart script, consistent tone and unique approach to a seemingly formulaic plot.

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The rise, according to GamCare, which runs the national gambling helpline, is directly attributable to the ease with which women can now gamble online using their phones. In the past, if they wanted to bet, women had to brave the male-dominated realm of the bookies or find the time and risk the exposure of an arcade. ancy gambled away the £3,000 her father had saved up for his own funeral. It’s the thing she feels most ashamed of having done during her four-year addiction to online gambling.

The Hangoveris undoubtedly the best comedy ever filmed in Las Vegas. Based on the classic gonzo novel by Hunter S. Thompson,Fear and Loathing in Las Vegasis a 1998 comedy/drama starring Johnny Depp. This film certainly brought the most unique lens to the look and feel of Las Vegas out of any film on this list.

So, here are our suggestions for must-see gambling related movies. Killing Them Softly is a story about an amateur crook who is hired by a poker player to rob an illegitimate game hosted by Mafia bosses. On one eventful night, they are hosting a cop, rival bookmakers, and a demanding food critic.

As her attorney told the Chicago Tribune, “Feeding Eric Kimbrow credit was the equivalent of giving him alcohol.” But her $50 million lawsuit became moot when the casino went bankrupt. So far, no U.S. court has ruled on such a case against a casino and no state legislature has enacted comparable laws that apply to casinos. When Stevens ran out of money at the casino, he would leave, write a company check on one of the Berkman accounts for which he had check-cashing privileges, and return to the casino with more cash. His colleagues did not question his absences from the office, because his job involved overseeing various companies in different locations. By the time the firm detected irregularities and he admitted the extent of his embezzlement, Stevens—the likable, responsible, trustworthy company man—had stolen nearly $4 million. If the cards were dispensed a certain way from this particular shoe, Ivey would, according to Crockford’s, be able to narrow in on what the card was and adjust his bets accordingly.

Local regulations typically stipulate that machines must pay out 85 to 95 percent of the bets placed on them—which means that for every $100 inserted into the machine, on average, the player will lose $5 to $15. Whatever the exact figure, the house odds make it such that if a player plays long enough, she will eventually lose her money. But over time, designers of video-poker machines discovered that they could influence gamblers’ behavior by manipulating game details. They saw, for instance, patrons going more often for four of a kind than the royal flush, a rarer but more lucrative hand, and they adjusted the machines accordingly.

And there’s no better way to spend your leisure time than watching gambling movies about your favourite real money games. There are two versions of Ian Fleming’s story, but without doubt the most accomplished is director Martin Campbell’s take, starring Daniel Craig. Set at breakneck speed, the story follows James Bond as he takes on another villainous figure, this time in the form of the poker-playing, torture-inflicting Le Chiffre. The most memorable scene in the movie – and one of the most unforgettable scenes in recent film history – centres on an incredible showdown at the felt in Monte Carlo when Bond takes on his adversary in an all-or-nothing game. The pace is furious, Eva Green is sumptuous and the poker – simply jaw-dropping. Based on a remarkable true story, 21 is a modern classic of the casino gambling movies genre.

Featuring a youthful Matt Damon, Rounders is the tale of an entrepreneur who pays for his university fees by winning at the poker table. The film is full of famous faces, with John Malkovich and Edward Norton also making appearances. The movie’s showdown culminates in a dazzling high stakes game, with Malkovich playing the irrepressible poker baron that Damon must try and defeat. The film is carried along by brilliant performances – Norton, in particular, is spectacular – and authentic depictions of poker strategy and table banter that few other gambling movies render so successfully. Whether you believe gambling is simply a harmless and enjoyable pastime or a dangerous and debilitating addiction, there is no question that there have been some great films made about the world of gambling.

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