4 Best Ways to Inspect Not New Computer Efficiency After Updating Windows

Windows 10 Location Tracking and Location History isn’t all bad. Apps and services use your PC’s location to offer you the best deals and the right weather. If you don’t plan on using apps that rely on this information from the Windows Store, turn off location tracking. Click on the Privacy icon in the bottom row of settings.

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To end this, go to the Start Menu and right-click on the Microsoft Store app. Flip the switch labeled Occasionally show suggestions in Startoff. Windows 10 will stop showing you apps and services for you to download in Start. Click on Start from the menu on the right side of your screen.

The Windows 10 locks screen is redundant and annoying, especially if you only have one user account on your PC and log in with a password. Use Gotta Be Mobile’s How to Turn Off the Windows 10 Lock Screen tutorial to skip this area when you wake your PC from sleep. Click on Wi-Fi in the menu on the right side of your screen. Click on Network and Internet in the top row of settings.

  • Refer to thePreference Referencefor complete registry and plist details.
  • It appears the documentation you provided only works when delivering full desktops.
  • I used the Office transform https://wikidll.com/digia-plc file to install Office 2012 SP1.
  • Auto-Update does not apply to Remote Desktop Session Host, so you’ll have to update those machines manually.
  • Do you know of a way to hide Network/Libraries/Favorites when using published apps?

Select Sync Your Settings from the menu on the left side of your screen. Click on the Gaming option in the second row of settings. Not everything that you should disable in Windows 10 is a privacy concern. Others can drain battery life and involve activities that you don’t often do. Disable these features to improve your device’s performance and experience.

The Enhanced setting goes away, and the 0 – Security level is replaced by a more descriptive Diagnostic Data Off option. As with previous versions, that setting is effective only on Windows 10 Enterprise systems and is ignored on PCs running retail editions. A new Windows Insider preview shows off one subtle change to Windows 10’s telemetry settings, along with a handful of new and revised Group Policy settings. Finally, the best change you can make to your Windows PC if you aren’t going to use apps from the Microsoft Store is to stop the Microsoft Store apps you can’t uninstall from running in the background. If your PC has an ambient light sensor, Windows 10 will monitor the light of any room you are in, then adjust your display settings to compensate for that light. So, if your room is dark, it darkens your display, for example. How to Turn Off Adaptive Brightness in Windows 10 walks you through disabling this feature.

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How to hide Settings pages in the Windows 10 Creators Update

If you’ve downloaded any free apps from the Windows Store, they probably have ads in them. Strictly speaking, there’s nothing wrong with ads, however, Windows 10 uses tracking to make these ads more interesting to you. The Microsoft Store, Windows 10’s built-in app for buying books, movies and apps, also advertises on the Start Menu.

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