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The object is to create rows and columns of like colors or shapes, which may sound easy, but in practice requires forward thinking and tactical maneuvers to block opponents. You and your fellow players must work together to save the world from a lethal pandemic in this game that fosters cooperation and teamwork. The Pandemic game board is a global map and each of the two to four players takes on the identity of a medical hero . If your family is bigger, you’ll want to invest in the extension set that allows it to be played by up to six people.

Don’t get too greedy, though, as other players can tag onto your creations and nab extra points for themselves. If you tell a story everyone recognises, you’ll get no points – but if you tell a story nobody recognises, you’ll also get no points. In-jokes, call-backs and suggestive themes are, therefore, the order of the day if you’re playing to win – tricky when cards depict rabbits in armour, men eating rainbows and people trapped in snowglobes. You can even paint the miniatures in the game to give your set a unique look and feel. At its core, the game is all about gaining points for victories, losing warriors in glorious battles and completing quests – it’s all good, clean, violent fun. Blood Rage, as you’d probably guess from the title, is all about conflict between the rival players, and it’s immensely entertaining leading your clan to honour and acclaim in the name of Odin. If you’re really not sure what type of board game to go for, check out our bite-sized buying guide at the end of this article, where we’ll answer all the key questions you might have.

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And then there are cooperative games, where you work together to accomplish goals, succeed in missions or perform tasks in order to satisfy the winning conditions of the game as a group. Some games can seem daunting when you unpack them, but don’t be deterred. Pretty much all games these days provide rules that are designed to be as simple as possible, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how easy they are to pick up. If you are finding it difficult to wrap your head around a particular game, you’ll find plenty of help online – such as instructional videos from other players – that will help you work through the rules of gameplay. Do you like your board games to be almost impossibly epic and complex?

  • Game nights remind us of the comforts of home, and for many people, nothing says home like grilled cheese.
  • Sometimes the shortest, most simple words in Scrabble score the most points.
  • For a touch more sophistication, try a charcuterie board, a mixture of meats and cheeses and also possibly savory add-ons like olives or pickles, served with toothpicks.
  • That is, if you’re strategic about where you place the word on the board.

Carcassonne is a tile-laying game where players must place roads, castles and rivers in order to score points and progress around the board. Once tiles are placed, players can put their Meeple followers on the piece to claim it and rack up points. Some pieces are worth more than others and lucky players can score big if they pick up the right pieces. Castles are worth more than roads and you can build some seriously big castles.

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Otherwise, go ahead and dive into our roundup of the best board games for all ages. With its rainbow colored tiles that feature fun shapes, this strategy game that’s similar to Dominoes is a hit with kids before they even start playing.

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Do you like the feeling of steadily crushing your opponents into paste over the course of several hours? Do you like constant opportunities to reference the HBO TV series and epic novel collection? Released back in 2016, Scythe is one of the more recent releases on this list, but it has already earned an enthusiastic following and rightly so.

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