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Recovery Time Objective —RTO is the time it takes for an organization to restore data or systems from backup and resume normal operations. For large data volumes and/or backups stored off-premises, copying data and restoring systems can take time, and robust technical solutions are needed to ensure a low RTO. Backup administrator—every organization should designate an employee responsible for backups. That employee should ensure backup systems are set up correctly, test them periodically and ensure that critical data is actually backed up. Once you delete your data and files, it will be removed from Backblaze’s server after thirty days.

Backblaze encrypts data when it’s in transit and when it’s at rest. In transit, when data is being transferred from your computer to its server, data has an SSL/ TLS encryption.

  • Additional features include admin API, personalized staff training and custom deployment.
  • The ‘Enterprise’ option will cost you $23.7 (€20) month and is perfect for business with more than 50 users.
  • Egnyte’s ‘Business’ option kicks off at $20 (£15.70) per employee on a monthly basis, covers employees, 1TB online storage plus 10GB per employee.

Many vendors and cloud providers offer Backup as a Service solutions, where you can push local data to a public or private cloud and in case of disaster, recover data back from the cloud. BaaS Hulu Desktop for Windows solutions are easy to use and have the strong advantage that data is saved in a remote location.

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Server backup solutions are typically designed to help you backup server data to another local server, a cloud server, or a hybrid system. In particular, backup to hybrid systems is becoming more popular. This is because hybrid systems enable you to optimize resources, support easy multi-region duplication, and can enable faster recovery and failover. This strategy is considered a best practice by most information security experts and government authorities. It protects against both accidents and malicious threats, such as ransomware, and ensures reliable data backup and restoration.

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Partition selection—partitions are isolated segments of a storage resource and are often used to separate data within a system. Solutions should enable you to independently backup data and restore partitions.

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