How to write the perfect piece of descriptive writing

hello everyone and welcome to the English teacher’s guide to how to write the perfect piece of descriptive writing which is useful for your eye GCC’s the new GCSEs or is generally anyone that wants to rap is descriptive writing extremely well so the scripts of writing in terms of perfect mark criteria if you’re going to achieve the perfect piece of work this is what you need to do always remember to plan your ideas that’s really important i’m going to show you how to do that in a moment need to make sure your piece matches the purpose so you might be asked to write for a particular genre horror thriller action that sort of thing and to make sure your work encompasses that make sure your piece looks like the piece of writing you should do sir example if we’re talking about any kind of language paper there’s a letter and it’s like a letter etc etc use of rice different sentence types for effect obviously as well make sure you’re using a variety of different sentence starters utilize a variety of complex punctuation again make sure you use net to create intended effect so for instance the use of exclamation mark a very simple sense kinshaya anger can show frustration ? San Jose idea of uncertainty there’s more to it than that but you get the idea consider your formality make sure using different lengths of paragraphs are particularly descriptive writing or narrative writing which is creative writing that one sentence paragraph always works really well so say for example looking to produce a piece where something’s alone you might have a single sentence paragraph which says something like there was no one to help me spill oil complex words correctly but don’t forget to get the basics right first and it’s always better to spell the complex words wrong than to simply use simple vocabulary and get that right wart on you get lower marks doing it that way make sure the whole text structure defective again will show you how to that in a moment create the pieces interesting now if it significant amount piece for your exam there’s hundreds and hundreds of pieces that exam has the mark you need to make your peace stand out and finally instrumental exams are all about just showing off really this is your chance to show what you can do so if you’re given a football and all you do is trap the ball does matter how good you actually are if that’s the first time something you play football they’re not going to think you’re amazing if you do all your tricks skills people going to figure credible that’s exactly what you need to be thinking about in terms of your exam mindset as well I think it’s also important this point to distinguish between descriptive writing and narrative writing on creative writing descriptive writing which going to look at the moment is describing scene and things going on in the scene you almost want to imagine it to be a moving image but in a certain amount of time right and the narrative piece is basically a story beginning middle and end but had I planned how do i create the piece of descriptive writing so one if it’s an exam you always read a question carefully making sure to unlearn the key parts then what you need to do is identify so you’ll have an image normally or you want to create an image in your own mind you’ve some people might even sketchier quit gym it quick image on a piece of paper they will identify five six maybe seven aspects woman’s you wish to describe this should be able to be a mixture of a larger aspects the image the whole scene for instance or a whole person then you also want to zoom in so what you might do is you might zoom in on the hands on a character’s arm the individual blades of grass in the field and then for each aspect now down some vocab you could use in order to describe that image but consider what kind of atmosphere you will create so if you wanted to create a negative feel your vocabulary should obviously support that image then place the elements in the order you want to write them about now in terms that whole text structure is an excellent idea to turn the end to image you begin with and then when you’re answering use all the perfect mark skills we were talking about and hopefully once you’ve proved for it it should do exactly what we’re saying it should which should be a perfect Peter descriptive writing now my plan you can see here this would be an image and you can see what I’ve done I’ve numbered up the different essentially the order in which i’m going to use them in you can see number one is also number nine because i’m going to go back to that same image then you might I have nine but I planned nine so that obviously I’ve got everything covered you can see here clearly as you go around the image I’ve identified what I’m going to describe and then I’ve got some of our courage to go along with it and that’s exactly what you do and that’s it that’s it what I might do is I might note down things I forget to do to get perfect marks so might forget to use different sentence starters or anything like that but it’s you understanding you in your work so was it like as an answer it was a glorious day the calm waters lapped gently against the peaceful shoreline whilst pleasant seagulls bobbed in the tranquil waves as other seabirds sword on a warm air that caressed their majestic wings so a lovely positive image on land next image this Pleasant theme continued the tree shifted lightly in the breeze creating a soothing noise which was pleasant to the ear colorful flowers added to this utopian feeling by releasing gorgeous scents which filled the nostrils with the smells of delightful summer sitting within this image people set and socialized some leyland receive all gazing up at the fluffy white clouds trying to establish whether they saw a smiling face or a small puppy although it didn’t really matter I was relaxing at cafe chairs sipping delightfully from their fresh mugs the warm coffee is entered their being revitalized as Sun beatin skin off their successful journey on their bike although arrived separately the nature a day created a feeling of camaraderie which would cause them to begin discussing how lucky they were to be sitting in this place and enjoying the world around them they all agree that would rather be here than anywhere else in the world right now indeed if you took the time to lift your head from your reverie you would notice every single face has etched quite a joy etched across it so again notice this isn’t a story as such it’s just a moment in time being described away from the picturesque moment in time the sounds are passing vehicles along a brooklyn bridge actually seem to add to the blissful day as the soft rumblings of commuters mirrored the soft rumblings of the waves against the seawall now again i can very easily be turned into a negative inch but notice how it’s been written in a way to make it seem pleasant the bridges appearance rather than disturbing the view that nature created almost sooner from a beautiful link between man who called New York home and nature the original owner of the terrain this was proof that man and nature could live happily together but all good things come to an end there’s that single sentence paragraph whilst trying to ascertain whether they the cloud look like at his old pet dog and who would prove even full of warmth for the environment notice it is a fluffy white cloud had now become dark sinister twist it snows my atmosphere changing now he also noticed that the gorgeous mother polym had been replaced by the summit of death and despair he also noticed the soothing sounds of the waves have been overcome by the terrifying sounds of screaming anguish and desperate individuals at that moment all the expressions on the faces of the folks sitting outside the cafe changed from a Lacson content to control expressions of fear and confusion as I followed the trail of ash that forced the seabirds to merely evacuate their once imperial city now seemed like a sealant disaster movie they felt helpless they felt useless and also thought shamefully lucky of being on the safer side of the bridge if they are on the other side of the bridge they would have been engulfed by the harmful smoke the screaming of emergency sirens which could do little to hold back a tired of death and destruction all around with people trying to contact loved ones trying to tell them they were sorry for arguing after espoused to take from the last dessert from the freezer trying to tell their children and they had to go away for a while and some were trying to contact God and plead for forgiveness the sources destruction we should hit the city like a hammer hitting a glass window was a single passenger plane which was due to take groups of happy families to holiday destinations they had longed to see cruelly the hijacker who believed was earning himself a place in heaven by murdering innocent people at announced over the plane speakers will shortly be arriving at our destination we hope you’ve enjoyed your time on earth after hours of this continuing chaos after hundreds of bodies of fallen said deaths and after billions of tears had been shed the sounds of murder became silent what could be heard was the gentle waves lapping against the sea wall or sea gulls Bob slowly up and down in the water proof read our work and that’s it so thank you very much try out yourself and please feel free to send me some more examples of your works I’d love to see what you’re doing thanks very much good luck

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