7 Secret Settings to Restore Poor Windows Server Speed After Updating Drivers

When it first launched, Microsoft’s Chromium-based Edge browser seemed like an excellent alternative to Chrome that millions could enjoy. Let’s take a look at how you can change your default browser on Windows. Once you have created a local Windows 10 account, you can easily switch to a newly created local account. You may also want to download a disk space analyzer such as SpaceSniffer, which will scan your drive(s) and display all of the files in an interface that makes it easy to see what’s occupying the most storage. Some people don’t mind this, because it helps the operating system give you relevant information, such as your local weather, what restaurants are nearby and so on. But if you don’t want Windows 10 to track your location, you can tell it to stop.

Save it and then first sign in animation will be disabled for all new or first user accounts in Windows 10. Updates that are approved by the rule will start to download and install at the first maintenance window or user interaction with the Intune client depending on your configuration polices, which we will look at below. I can share or receive from” drop-down select either My devices only” or Everyone” depending on your choice.

Microsoft’s Your Phone started as a barebones companion app back in late 2018, but with consistent updates and feature additions, Microsoft has turned it into a more complete product for all your cross-platform sharing needs. If you’re not sure which type of account you’re currently using, click Start, then the cog icon to open Settings and select Accounts. In the new version of Windows 10, Microsoft introduced an acrylic blur effect on the login screen.

I’m often switching between editor (or 2), terminal, browser, and apps so this idea that I have to always no the exact state I’m and deliberately consciously pick one of 3 different key combos to switch seems crazy to me. After an update is installed, Windows 10 attempts automatic restart outside of active hours. Once this has completed, run Windows System Image Manager from the Start Menu. Option 2 – Automatically (Recommended) – This is the quickest and easiest option.

We also have option with No deployment package which provides option Clients download content from peers or the Microsoft cloud, this could be a good option for slow link boundaries where connection to DP is quite slow to download the content and would prefer to download updates from Microsoft. Microsoft also lets you dismiss your phone’s notifications from your PC, but it doesn’t work as reliably as we’d like.

Sometimes support files become missing, corrupted, deleted, removed or modified, therefore, require fixing as operational Windows processes are in danger. If you work in a multi-monitor setup, it becomes complicated to switch between apps as Windows 10 does not provide any good feature for switching apps between multiple monitors. You may have changed your password, but your security questions may be the same for many sites.

If you disable or do not configure this policy setting, the ‘Install Updates and Shut Down’ option will be the default option in the Shut Down Windows dialog box if updates are available for installation at the time the user selects the Shut Down option in the Start menu. Click the arrow next to HKEY_CURRENT_USER to close the branch of registry keys. On servers running WSUS 4.0 or later, you can also manage and deploy Windows 10 feature updates.

Scroll down on the following screen and you’ll find an option that says Display orientation. Apple’s 2018 iPad Pros—also called the iPad Pro 11-inch (1st msvcr110.dll generation) and iPad Pro 12.9-inch (3rd generation) —are still available from Apple’s refurbished site and from some third-party retailers. Settings are managed differently depending on the device. Before you even get around to using your Surface Pro, it is a good idea to install this screen protector from OMOTON.

Under Settings > System > Storage > Storage sense, toggle on switch and click "Change how we free up space automatically" to configure it. Happened on my PC. The uninstall of that optional KB4512941 update worked, however I also had to pause updates because it wanted to reinstall this update when I shut down my PC.-Well that didn’t do it as when I restarted my PC tonight it installed updates anyway and Task Manager shows Cortana at 33% CPU and 400MB memory usage.

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