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Enterprise-level spam filters use multi-layered security tools to filter the emails. The filters quarantine the spam emails containing malicious contents or any links to a suspicious website, preventing them from entering the inbox. Cloud-based spam filters are the spam filtering solutions that are hosted on the cloud, rather than on-premises software installation. Despite being based on the cloud, they provide full control to the users for categorizing the emails as genuine and spam.

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At the core, both spam and junk mail represent messages that clutter the user’s inbox. While junk mail often comes from opt-in services, such as from businesses, spam refers to messages that the user did not opt to receive. When you’re crafting a mailing list or sending out an advertisement, it’s important that your message not come off as spam. If your address is repeatedly reported as spam, mail providers may begin catching your messages in the junk mail filter automatically.

This makes it important to have a good spam filter that blocks phishing schemes. You can change filter settings and make custom rules about which messages MailWasher checks, blocks and deletes, or you can keep the program’s default settings. It filters emails by sender, IP address and information on public block databases.

However, it doesn’t filter by the messages’ country of origin. MailWasher Pro searches all incoming emails, including attachments, for malware such as viruses, keyloggers and phishing schemes. The application shows the spam it has blocked–and lists the nonspam mail that it has passed along to the e-mail software–in its own interface.

Mitch Stephens, a security consultant for Emagined Security, said the biggest source of malware is email, with phishing schemes being the most dangerous. Phishing emails are messages that look like they were sent from someone you know or a company you do business with.

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It attempts to stop unwanted emails by blocking a specific address that’s been previously used to send spam. When a message is received, the spam filter will check it and determine if its email address or IP is on the blacklist. If it is, the message will automatically be delivered to the spam folder instead of to the inbox.

Most real-time blackhole lists are maintained by third parties who create blacklists for their users. When an email comes in, the filter is linked with the third-party system in order to determine whether the sender’s IP address is on the list. This method is time-efficient but, at the same time, likely to generate the false positives that happen when a spammer uses a legit IP address to send junk mail.

While on-premise filtering solutions offer better control, cloud solutions are better in case of storage issues. Spam setting option Description Be more aggressive when filtering spam Turns on more aggressive spam filtering. It’s likely more messages will be marked spam and sent to users’ spam folders. Bypass spam filters for messages received from internal senders Bypasses spam filters for internal messages from users within your organization. Learn more about bypassing spam filters for internal senders.

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Essentially, the sender receives an email asking them to visit a specific page and enter the code found there into a special form. The email is delivered only if the task is completed successfully. This method is very similar to the blacklist technique but with less hands-on maintenance.

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