Finally, Steiger was awarded the contract for 11,500 euros.

Finally, Steiger was awarded the contract for 11,500 euros.

Do not use a fork to turn it because the meat juice will come out through the puncture holes and the meat will lose its tenderness. Better to use grill tongs. After grilling, place the meat on the outer edge of the top step for another ten minutes. It can continue cooking here if you have a grill with a lid. Otherwise you will have to cook your club steak in the preheated oven.

Avoid salt and pepper. Salt removes too much water from the meat and pepper burns on the hot grill. Good meat doesn’t actually need any additional seasoning.

Recipe: club steak in barbecue marinade

If you still don’t want to go without a spicy marinade, this recipe is recommended for the grill season. For a barbecue marinade you will need:

1.2 kg club steak1 tbsp brown sugar2 tbsp paprika powder1 tbsp hot mustard1 tbsp garlic powder2 teaspoons dried basil1 ground bay leaf1 teaspoon dried thyme1 teaspoon ground pepper


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First mix all the herbs and spices with the mustard and sugar until a sauce is formed. Now coat the club steak with the result and let it soak in the refrigerator in cling film for 12 hours. You can now either fry or grill the marinated steak according to our instructions.

A couple from Lower Saxony are bidding "Cash for rares" an extraordinary object that it discovered in an old farm. How much it will be worth in the end – the couple did not expect that.

The experts and dealers of "Cash for rares"
Photo series with 25 pictures

As moderator Horst Lichter and expert Sven Deutschmanek see the rarity that Sabine and Christian Schroeder from Wittingen are watching "Cash for rares" they are immediately enthusiastic. "Beautiful or?" asks Deutschmanek. "No, it is not beautiful – it is outstanding" replies Lichter, before he wants to know from the cook and the clerk where the extraordinary object comes from.

"The Swiss can best build that"

"We bought a rest farm, a farm in our village, three houses away from our guest house. The whole yard was furnished and that’s where we found the device" says restaurateur Schroeder. Deutschmanek then explains in his expertise which device is involved. 

"So for me this is one of the most beautiful drum music boxes I’ve ever seen" the 44-year-old expert raves about the musical mechanism with insertable rollers. "Something like this could best be built by the Swiss, like the manufacturer Mermod Frères. This is a company that was founded in 1816 and first made watches. In 1865 they started to build such roller play mechanisms" knows Deutschmanek, who counted a total of 13 reels.

In addition to the reels, there are six title pages and a remainder of an instruction manual. The expert also emphasizes the processing of the drum music box with walnut box. "The interesting thing about this piece is that there are six tracks per reel. It was made around 1900 – and I think it’s wonderful" is his conclusion. The Schroeder couple are hoping for 3,000 to 5,000 euros from the sale. 

"Hammer object" turns out to be a treasure

Deutschmanek can top that: "In that state I would say 7,000 to 8,000 euros. You can do that." The dealers are also very enthusiastic about the rarity. "Thank you for coming on your way" Art dealer Christian Vechtel welcomes the couple in the dealership and his colleague Julian Schmitz-Avila starts directly with a bid of 500 euros. 

At 2,700 euros, Sabine Schroeder gives the dealers a tip: "You are also welcome to go on in steps of a thousand." This objection actually ensures that the bids go up again. In the end, however, dealer Roman Runkel wins the bid for 5,000 euros. "Hammer object – I’m really looking forward to it" says the 60-year-old when he closes the sale.

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And the couple is also relieved. "At first it started a bit cautiously, so I was afraid that the 3,000 euros we had hoped for could run out" says restaurateur Schroeder. "But then it did pick up speed. And of course, when you have the estimate in your head, you think it could always go a little higher, but I think we can be completely satisfied."

Sources used:"Cash for rares" from January 26, 2021

The piece of jewelery that a couple from Winden brought to the Christmas edition of "Cash for rares" brings, outshines everything. But the couple never expected the result in the dealer room.

The experts and dealers of "Cash for rares"
Photo series with 25 pictures

Moderator Horst Lichter welcomes the couple Alois and Iris Berger from Winden to Drachenburg Castle for the big Christmas edition of "Cash for rares". The couple has a sparkling star-shaped brooch with them to match the show. 

40 years in the safe

Lichter would like to know from them where the piece of jewelry came from. "This is from my grandmother’s sister-in-law" tells Iris Berger. "She came from Metz and then it was passed on in the family. It’s been in the vault for 40 years now and I think that’s too bad." 

Test Your Knowledge – Are You One "Cash for rares"-Expert?

Test your knowledge
Are you a "Cash for rares"-Expert?

Do you know yourself with "Cash for rares" out? Then test your knowledge of the popular junk show in our quiz. Can you answer all the questions correctly?

Diamond expert Dr. Heide Rezepa-Zabel only confirms and connects directly with their expertise. "We really have a wonderful poinsettia here – I would almost like to say – and it is fully set with diamonds" the expert raves about the ten-pointed star, which even has a spatial depth because the front rays are slightly longer than the rear ones. 

"The color is also very even – one then says that the stones are calibrated. In the middle is a magnificent 2.5 carat old cut, so they are old cuts" knows Rezepa-Zabel. "A lot comes together. The whole piece of jewelry is set in rose gold. I am assuming 14 carats here."

Heavenly jewelry based on Sisi

However, there are no hallmarks on the piece of jewelery. "But that fits in very well with Wilhelm Mezger from Metz Lothringen’s period of activity during the German occupation, i.e. imperial times. Here we are, 1890" explains the expert. It is also noticeable ashley madison that you can unscrew the brooch. "That means the star can also be mounted on other pieces of jewelry. For example on a diadem or a necklace – and back then it was very popular to wear hairpins that were so set with these stones" knows Rezepa-Zabel.

Heavenly jewelry was also very popular in the second half of the 19th century, not least because the interest in astronomy and enthusiasm for the Orient arose. "But there was also a fashionable role model, namely the Empress Elisabeth of Austria-Hungary" reports the expert. Lichter knows immediately who is talking about. "Sisi!" he exclaims. 

Rezepa-Zabel doesn’t let that bother them. "Franz Xaver Winterhalter painted Sisi in 1865 on a beautiful, life-size picture in a shiny tulle dress with diamond stars in her hair" she raves. "She was also the Christmas angel – that’s what she was called because she was born on Christmas Eve. And that’s why she loved poinsettias."

Empress Elisabeth of Austria-Hungary: painting by Franz Xaver Winterhalter. (Source: imago images / Leemage)

"But that’s a fat part"

Then Lichter would like to know what the couple’s wish price is for the piece of jewelry. "4,000 euros is our pain threshold" announces Iris Berger. Since the diamonds add up to eight carats and the purity of the stones is good, the expertise is 10,000 to 12,000 euros. "Hold on to the table and don’t fall over. Keep breathing slowly and now take the knowledge with you to the dealer room" Lichter advises the completely amazed couple.  

"I was ashamed to say the pain threshold of 4,000 euros, but we’re a little higher now" says Iris Berger happily on the way to the dealers. There, the star brooch also creates great enthusiasm. "Quite wonderful" finds jewelry expert Susanne Steiger. "But that’s a fat part" also thinks antique dealer Walter Lehnertz.

"Cash for rares": These dealers are present at Drachenburg Castle: (from left) Walter Lehnertz, Susanne Steiger, Julian Schmitz-Avila, Dr. Elisabeth Nüdling, Daniel Meyer, Fabian Kahl. (Source: ZDF / Frank W. Hempel)

"Here we have a classic Sisi star" notes diamond appraiser Dr. Elisabeth "Lisa" Nüdling immediately. "It has such a warm fire, it is a wonderful piece of what you brought us." Steiger agrees and starts with a bid of 10,000 euros. "So it’s no fun at all" says antique dealer Fabian Kahl. 

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This means that only Nüdling and Steiger are in the race for the Sisi star. Finally, Steiger was awarded the contract for 11,500 euros. "Madness, we never expected that, honestly not" says the couple overjoyed at the sale of their little treasure.

Sources used:"Bares for Rares – the Christmas edition" from December 16, 2020

What happens to the objects that the dealerships with "Cash for rares" to buy? In the new show "Dealer pieces" granted by Walter Lehnertz, Elke Velten, Wolfgang Pauritsch & Co. for the first time interesting insights.

The experts and dealers of "Cash for rares"
Photo series with 25 pictures

What has to be done so that the dealers who participate "Cash for rares" were able to bid for a rarity, resell them? The new show deals with this question "Bares for Rares – dealer items". Not only is it shown how time-consuming cleaning an object can be – the secret of how much money the dealers can offer the rarities for sale again is also revealed.