I. Likarchuk: three features of the educational bureaucracy

I. Likarchuk: three features of the educational bureaucracy

But it is not written at all – how these concepts are related to the work of a legal entity under public law “National Agency for Quality Assurance in Higher Education”. It is also not stated that the agency in its work will at least strive for these virtues to be manifested in its tumultuous commercial activities.

Item 4 – “Principles of internal culture of the organization”. We read the very first phrase: “respect for the opinion of everyone …”. I do not understand: what kind of respect is in question? Dozens of court decisions have already been published in favor of Ukrainian organizations and Ukrainian citizens whose rights have been mercilessly violated by NAME.

Paragraph 5 deals with the procedure for approving, promulgating and updating the Strategy. It is stated: “The strategy is approved by the decision of the National Agency during its regular meeting. The public presentation of the strategy (Annex A) is published by posting on the official website of the National Agency. The strategy is updated at the annual strategic session, which assesses the tasks that have already been completed and analyzes the goals that buy best compare and contrast essay have been achieved. The strategy is updated taking into account changes in the internal and external environment. “

Frankly, little is clear. It is written that the strategy is “updated” at the strategic session, but “approved” at the meeting. But is the “session” held in or out of the meeting? Can they change the text “updated” to “session” at a “meeting”? If so, why convene a “session”? If not, why hold a “meeting”? Explain: who exactly has the right to work at the session and “update” (members of the agency, its secretariat, NAME experts, foreign donors, scientists, student activists) and by what procedure?

Surprisingly, the strategy is “updated” every year. Is it really impossible to write a document that will be stable for at least 2-3-4 years, so that society, higher education institutions, students (employers) and employers have confidence in the invariability of strategic guidelines for development?

Kostrubato looks like a provision on “public presentation”: why prescribe a special requirement for its publication, if there is an official text? NAME thinks that people can’t read? By the way, the “public presentation” published today on the site does not correspond to the published text …

“The strategy is updated taking into account changes in the internal and external environment” – another banality.

Paragraph 6 deals with strategy implementation plans and their control.

Quote: “The strategy implementation plan is developed and approved annually.” But now it has not been made public. We can assume that as of now, this Plan simply does not exist.

Quote again: “Annual plans for the implementation of the strategy are formed by the Chairman and Deputy Chairmen of the National Agency, Committees of the National Agency, the Head of the Secretariat of the National Agency, its departments and subsidiary units in accordance with their functional responsibilities. The form of the Strategy Implementation Plan is attached (Appendix B) ”.

Please note that the list provided does not mention “members of the National Agency”. It turns out that these respectable people, who have fulfilled the conditions of a rather difficult competitive selection, cannot be allowed to “form” “annual plans”.

Instead, it is mentioned that “auxiliary units” take part in the “formation”. Which exactly? Those responsible for cleaning the premises?

We read further: “Plans for the implementation of the strategy are based on the approved by the decision of the National Agency Strategy until 2022 from April 16, 2019.” Interestingly, this decision was not published in official publications or on the agency’s website. Consequently, it can be assumed that it either did not come into force or does not exist at all.

I do not want to write conclusions – any reasonable person has already understood everything.

I, my family and all taxpayers of Ukraine paid more than 20 million hryvnias in 2020 for the textual reflections of the NAME.

P.S. This article reflects only the position of the author. The conclusions and factual statements presented in this article do not reflect the position of state bodies, institutions, organizations.



If a teacher is able to justify child abuse, such a teacher has no place in an educational institution

R. Bondarenko: no one has the right to physical violence against children

Author: Roman Bondarenko, lawyer of SOS PARENTS NGO.

No “buts”!

“The teacher had no right to give the child blankets, but …”

“The teacher should not have forced the girl out of the classroom, but …”

“The teacher, of course, is wrong, but …”

Then a set of traditional phrases that children are now inadequate, difficult for teachers, we went through this and nothing, grew up “normal people”.

They were beaten with rulers / pointers – and grew up as “normal people”. Put in a corner, humiliated in front of the whole class – and grew up “normal people”. They screamed in such a way that they wanted to pull their heads into their shoulders – and grew up to be “normal people”.

I remind everyone, especially those who grew up “normal people”.

If a teacher beats a child, the teacher grabs the girl and pulls her out of the classroom, there can be no “buts” to justify such bullying. There is no excuse for this.

There are no conditions, no circumstances that allow physical and psychological violence against children. None.

If a teacher is able to issue a “but” to justify the abuse of children, then such a teacher has no place in an educational institution.

No one, under any circumstances, has the right to use physical violence against children. Neither parents nor teachers. There is no justification for such behavior, especially of teachers (higher pedagogical education after all). Absolute ban!

P.S. Concerning “insidious” shooting of offenses. It is necessary and possible to fix violations. Without the permission and without the consent of the offender. Children simply have no choice but to prove themselves right. “Such videos break fortunes,” says the teacher sadly, who seems to apologize, but tells more about what the girl did, not him.

Such videos are needed so that children’s destinies are not broken, so that they grow up to be people with universal values, and not “normal” with that damn “but”.

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Should the information presented at school be embellished and not put the child in serious trouble?

O. Ukrainets: a popular position of a fairy-tale fool in education

Author: Ostap Ukrainian, translator, writer.

No one deceives himself more than parents and teachers, who believe that “the school should teach the wise, the good and the eternal, and the bad will teach without us.” 

This position usually means that the information provided at school should be nurtured and flourished, not to put the child in front of serious problems, not to force him to seek a way out of ethical conflicts, not to ask problematic issues that he will face.

If we are talking only about teaching literature or ethnography, then this is a purely ideological problem: the desire to talk about the willow over the water and the beautiful Ukrainian land will simply mean that when children discover interesting alternative information, the school curriculum and – more importantly – The authority of teachers who passionately tell them about tridents and blue-yellow rainbows, they will not care, because they simply will not trust her. Or, at best, it will be treated as a lean and uninteresting obligation, which the system of teaching the humanities in our country, in fact, is. If you have already read between the lines – no, this paragraph does not mean that I advocate the cancellation of language and literature lessons. Calm down.

But in the screenshot, it’s just a partial case of the extremely common position of a fairy-tale fool: if you don’t think about the bad, the bad won’t happen. It looks scary. It looks like people who have to prepare children for the rest of their lives are literally leaving them alone with the world. They do not become guides to the array of information and conflicts of the modern world, but senseless dams that try to damn reality and protest against books that tell children about single-parent families, disability, illness, self-knowledge or sexuality, because children can not know. Not from adults. They have to assimilate the information somewhere, in some unknown liminal space, which children are known to enter when they leave school.

All the bad things in the world, children must learn on their own, at leisure. From adults, children should learn only all the good and a bunch of stereotypes that will make them hate their neighbors just for who they are. A lot of people play hyperopia not even out of love for children, but out of love for Soviet pedagogy and a maxim about what education should do.

Education must tell us that we live in a perfect and problem-free world of socialism with a human face, and whoever tries to speak critically about this world is the enemy of our ideal society. At least that’s what it looks like.

This post is, of course, refined AAAAAAA even by the standards of the usual discussions of modern literature in the program, especially the inability to explain to the child who the stepfather is. But the fact that Maya and her mother constantly provoke an exothermic reaction in axiologically orthodox parents and teachers just below the center of gravity, other than Crete, which has been imposed on their heads, has long shown that the spirituality of children’s books is the main reason for our education. If children were not allowed to read books about the real problems that modern children have, children would be much happier. Up to fifteen years. And the future problems of these children of teachers, and often parents do not go unnoticed – they have fulfilled their duty.

P.S. And Marina Pavlenko is cool. If you have children of the appropriate age, and they have not read – try. There are many chances that both you and they will like it.

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